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  • CommFREE has been developed by existing real estate agents with experience in the industry of in excess of over 30 years.

    Due to advancement of technology and the mind-set of the new generations coming into the real estate market, the operational practice of the real estate industry has had to change. To date, although the industry is attempting to keep up with the demands of new generational real estate clients, nothing has proven to be successful. The typical options the real estate industry has chosen is to; cut commissions or give an online service.

    The cutting of commissions is a practice that is already negatively affecting the industry both in the quality of service given and the quality of real estate agent attending to same. The reason being quite simply that with profit margins down, cuts have to be made somewhere to keep the business viable.

    Real estate agencies will cut back on marketing and fixed expenses as well as reduce the commission percentages paid to agents. That being the case the real estate agents themselves will find alternative employment options offering more reliable and probably greater income in other sectors of the employment environment, leaving only a majority of those agents left who can’t find employment elsewhere.

    The "Online" real estate companies that have emerged recently have recognized the need for change in the industry, however, they operate on a basis whereby clients don't have any direct physical dealings with an estate agent and the service is exactly what it says it is - online with an advisory service on the phone. The rest is left up to the seller and buyer to finalize themselves.

    This system again can only produce a limited potion of success, as primarily, negotiations and the legal implications of placing an offer on a property, are better done by independent qualified people whom have an impartial mind-set when it comes to the emotional processes of buyers and sellers in this regard.

    The industry has had to realize that the current commission bases of remuneration for services rendered in the real estate industry, being "a one size fits all" approach is no longer acceptable to the man in the street. Currently, whether you sell a home in one day or one year, whether you take a few buyers or a hundred buyers, whether the agent sits on show many times or none at all, the commission is the same.

    The sellers who price their properties correctly in accordance with market conditions, pay the price in this system by paying these high commissions to cover for the sellers whom over price their properties and don't sell. Someone has to pay for the agent to earn an income to survive in the real estate industry.

    CommFREE recognizes that this methodology is no longer acceptable and as such have moved to a consultancy basis whereby sellers only have to pay for the service they get.

    The system in effect saves the seller thousands of Rand and the estate agent gets paid for work done, securing his or her monthly income. This in fact promotes a better quality of agent and service which in its self will change the perception of the public toward the real estate industry.

    CommFREE. Revolutionising the real estate industry.




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