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  • Buying Through CommFREE

  • Buying through CommFREE often has a significant advantage over purchasing through other estate agencies. The reason being, that CommFREE property owners, when selling, save thousands of Rand due to CommFREE option of not charging commission on the sale.

    This saving is generally passed on to the purchaser in the form of a reduced purchase price.

    When you go shopping for a new home, it’s important to buy one that’s loveable as well as good value for money.

    These days we find that many homebuyers are more focused on the investment potential of a property than on whether it meets the needs of their family but there needs to be a balance.

    No matter how great the growth potential, if your home does not appeal to you and feel comfortable, it is very unlikely you will live there long enough for that growth to materialise and give you a good return on your ‘investment’.

    Consequently, we suggest buyers do some careful thinking about what sort of home and lifestyle they want before they venture into the market.

    Choosing between a Freehold House or a Sectional title town house can be often be one of the more important decisions a buyer would need to consider.

    If you’re looking for a home with fewer maintenance requirements, a “lock up and go” lifestyle, or perhaps a house in the suburbs isn’t in your budget, then a sectional title townhouse may be just the answer.

    But there are a few pros and cons you should really think about before you commit to a purchase.

    On the positive side, choosing a townhouse may give you the opportunity to live in a more upmarket area than you could afford if you were to buy an ordinary house, and in addition, the levy payable in sectional title complexes often covers the upkeep of communal amenities such as a swimming pool, braai areas, tennis courts, clubhouse, gym and laundry as well as the security provisions.

    The having the use of such facilities without having to worry about their maintenance or repair suits many people very well, and as the upkeep costs of those facilities are shared amongst all the residents of the complex, the effects are that each owner has the benefits of all the facilities and a fraction of the normal expense.

    Buyers who are fortunate enough to find a home that meets their needs early on in their search should consider themselves lucky and have no hesitation in making an offer.

    Sometimes people make the mistake of not buying a home that is right for them because they have only viewed a few properties and they are worried that they might miss out on a better property or a similar one at a better price.

    The truth is, though, that there is no set period in which prospective buyers should expect to find the ‘right’ property – and no set number of homes they should view before deciding to buy. Some will be lucky and find exactly what they want in a week or two, while others can take months.



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