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  • A move to CommFREE is the best you will ever make. For challenges and achievement, growth and recognition, financial success and freedom and greater opportunity for a faster paying regular income currently unique to CommFREE – come and see us and get more from your career – and more from your life.

    • A sense of personal achievement, financial success and professional recognition?
    • The chance to move forward and prove that you can meet new challenges head on?
    • Access to extensive resources unique to CommFREE in the real estate industry?
    • The satisfaction of helping people realise their dreams and aspirations?
    • The best training and support to provide you with outstanding business skills?
    • The opportunity to work alongside a team of passionate and dedicated professionals?

    Striving to be the fastest-growing real estate group in South Africa, we must continue to focus on the future. We recognise that the real estate industry has to change its mode of operation to satisfy a new culture of home buyers. The key to this is how we can innovate and improve on our systems and how we can offer our clients even higher levels of personal and professional service.

    Most importantly this focus must remain firmly on how we can train and equip our people to achieve the best possible results. That is why we do everything we can to support, recognise and reward our top achievers.

    Successfully buying and selling real estate, while containing elements of technology, methodology or ideology, is more than flashy keywords and high tech gadgets. It is about human needs, dreams and aspirations. As such it is a highly emotive process and often a particularly challenging one. That is why CommFREE people not only receive in-depth professional training, they also become dedicated in the art of creating meaningful and genuine personal relationships.

    If you would like to discuss your career further, don’t hesitate, send your CV to: clint.proctor@commfree.co.za



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