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  • The CommFREE Way

  • CommFREE offers their clients (property sellers) an option to move away from traditional commission paid service, to a consultancy fee based service, which will save them thousands of Rand in estate agency fees on the sale of their property.

    CommFREE offer a list of services that the seller can choose from in the form of a menu. Further CommFREE have put together a choice of 3 separate marketing packages, from the very basics required to market and sell a home to a more extensive marketing plan (normally required for more upmarket properties).

    Should sellers prefer to market their home on a traditional commission based service, CommFREE have the systems and experienced agents able and capable of satisfying the client’s requirements.

    In the event, the seller only require an online service which means that CommFREE place adverts in the main property portals from copy and photos provided by the seller, pass on all leads directly to the seller, offer an advisory service to the seller (Minimal cost to the seller). CommFREE has the facilities and expertise to assist there also.




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